Pleiadian Starseed Activation

£ 66.00



The Pleiades is a star cluster that is located 440 light-years away in the Taurus constellation and is made of thousands of stars, with seven stars being particularly prominent.  Think if this as home.  It’s always broadcasting and transmitting information to you.   This activation opens you up to more of this signal.  Activate your Starseed DNA more.  Helps you to awaken.  Channeled Pleiadian light codes.  For your awakening and your ascension.  Helps you to tap into more star wisdom and knowledge.  Helps you to integrate the ascension energies better.  Integrate more of your spiritual self into the physical.   You had so many past lives in the Pleiades.  This is where you will return to in the future.  Better connect and activates your connection to your Pleiadian Star Family and Pleiadian Guides.  Better receive the messages from your the Pleiadian brings guiding you.  Activate more of your Starseed gifts.  Recover lost aspects and wisdom buried deep inside of you.  The Pleiadians are your inter dimensional guides.  Open up and activate higher dimensions and higher communication.  Helps you with your Starseed awakening.  Activation codes to bring more online.   

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