Dharma Activation

£ 66.00



An activation to clear and heal any karma in a deeper level, or negative karmic imprints found within your DNA.  Past traumas can lodge negative imprints into energy, and replay negative experiences.  Helps you to clear family karma imprints that are not your own.  Activates good karma.  Many lifetimes of positive abundance owed to you.  Activates 5D templates and any good karma.  This is dharma.  this activation will make you more passionate about your purpose.  Your dharma is your souls purpose.  It’s the reason that you’re here.  Clears stuck past energies.  Raises your frequency and activates a deeper energy alignment.  Activates your gifts.  Activates more of your 5D superpowers.  Purifies you from any bad luck, shifting you to a path of good luck.  Clears drama from your path and helps you to step into your dharma.  Activates your blueprint, your cosmic code for living life.  Activates more of the roadmap to your destiny.

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