Karmic Code DNA Healing

£ 555.00


Great to clear and heal our karmic baggage.  We have karmic code stored in our DNA.  Much of it we inherited.  Much of it is also brought into this life from past lifetimes.  A healing for your karmic code.  Stop playing out karmic dramas, and connections.  Heals your code and patterns on a deeper level.  We carry our karma into our DNA through our reincarnations on a deeper soul level.  The soul’s karmic code is based upon the life patterns it has created, the habits, tendencies, influences and desires it has set in motion over many births.  This is why things tend to repeat.  Healing for these deeper repeating patterns and scenarios.  Heals your karmic code found within your genetic code.  Karma is your DNA gene code in action.  Healing for the karma found within your DNA.  Helps you to clear and heal karmic situations and connections you keep attracting based on negative karmic actions.  Your DNA is like your karmic thumbprint.  A good DNA karma clearing and healing.  Heals your deeper DNA pattens.  Great for healing the karmic code you brought into this life, or were born with.  Our karmic code contains our collection of past karmas, which are ready to be experienced through the present life and healed.  Healing for any negative experiences encoded within your DNA.  Great for healing past life karmic experiences that keep affecting your timelines in this life.

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