5D Frequency Activation

£ 66.00



Channeled energies to activate your 5D frequency.  Clears denser 3D energies that may be weighing you down.  Raises your vibrational frequency.  Great for overall healing.  Helps shift your energies, which shifts you into the 5D New Earth.  Great for activating your inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.  Activates your 5D DNA.  The 5th dimension exists on a higher frequency.  Opens up and attunes your energy to the 5D.  This activation gets you in those 5D flow states where the magic happens.  Recharges your energy.  Helps you with the ascension of your physical body.  Great for physical and energetic healing.  Clears heavy thoughts and emotions.  Activates your 5D Ascension DNA.  Helps to clear past experiences.  Helps you to find love and forgiveness out of them.  Activates your energy and your 5D Ascension Timelines.  Helps you to release the energies more fully from your 3D life.  Helps you to open up more fully into the energies of the 5D.

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