Twin Flame Boundary Healing Package

£ 255.00



Lots of heavy energies coming up for Twin Flames.  Healing for what’s coming up.   On Earth we have to master healing our wounds so that we can become one with ourselves again.  Twin Flames tend to push your buttons.  Channeled Pleiadian Healing Energies for any buttons or triggers.  Healing deeper wounds of the soul.  Healing for your boundaries which heals runner chaser dynamics.  Heals the wounds of the chaser.  Rejection, mask of escape, abandonment wounds, and the mask of dependence.  Heals the wounds of the runner.  Betrayal, mask of control, humiliation wounds, the mask of compliance, injustice wounds, and mask of rigidity.  Rejection causes you to withdraw.  Escaping actively or by pulling out of reality.  People who suffer under this wound, tend to have very low boundaries. They often loose a lot of energy, because they tend to melt with others. The chaser of the Twin Flame often sufferes from this wound.  Because they have such low boundaries, they are no match for the runner who is seeking control because of his fear of the emotions.  When it comes to the wound of abandonment, the person has had experiences, in which they felt left alone or abandoned.  The wound is so deep, they immediately create the mask of dependence.  People with this wound tend to please others all the time and make themselves dependent from others, just to not be abondened.  They also don’t show their borders or even have never build healthy boundaries.  They also tend to melt with others and loose a lot of energy along the way.  This wound is also typical for the chaser, as they tend to everything just not be left behind by the runner.  When it comes to the wound of betrayal, the person has had past experiences where they felt betrayed or left behind. People with this deep wound soon create the mask of control, trying to hide the wound.  Healing your energy and your boundaries.  Helps you set healthier boundaries and healthier energetic boundaries being more mindful of your energy.  Boundaries allow those who are healing from trauma to express their needs clearly to others in their lives.  They also help people to treat us better.   

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