Clearing Package For Auric Attachments

£ 111.00


A good clearing of your aura for auric attachments.  Clearing your aura is important for maintaining peace of mind, emotional health and overall state of well being.  Clears your energy field, auric field of unwanted energies.  Clears and heals the light body that surrounds the physical body.  Clears energetic blockages and auric attachments.  Healing and clearing for negative thought-forms, negative emotions, illusions, beliefs, imprints, contracts, vows, and attached entities.  Clearing for any external energy that either gets stuck or is placed in your aura such as energetic hooks.  Clears auric attachments you have picked up from people, places, times, things and events.  A great clearing for transforming negative energy to positive energy.  Clears any negative energies that are within the auric field or attached to it.  Healing and clearing for energy hooks and energy cords.  Hooks are formed by allowing other people to hook into your energy, whether conscious of it or not. Hooks are there to take away your energy or power.  Great for clearing energy drainers.  Sever cords & remove the hooks.  Unhealthy or negative energy cords lead to mood swings, depression, pain, anger, and exhaustion.

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