Twin Flame Clearing For Obstacles

£ 111.00



Blocks come up as patterns and cycles running usually on a subconscious level.  These are loops to clear.  Great for everyone no matter what your situation. Clears the blocks and obstacles.  This could look like repeating stories, or scenarios.  Healing to clear and break the cycles.  Great healing of your Twin Flame is not acting available, or if some blocks lie on their side.  Healing for the conscious, subconscious and unconscious blocks.  Goes deeper than the surface level.  Targets the deeper blocks underneath.  Clears the triggers.  Healing and clearing deeper trauma patterns.  Clears blocks that make you feel unlovable.  Healing for negative relationship beliefs such as everyone will leave me.  Clearing for you and your Twin Flames energy.  Great for clearing blocks that have shown up/ or are coming up.

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