Sekhmet Clearing

£ 111.00



Calling in Sekhmet to clear your energy.  She will clear any negative energies in your life transmuting them.  Burn away the energies of the past.  Clearing the negative energies behind you. Sekhmet was protector of the pharaohs.  She heals illness.  She was the patron of physicians and healers.  Channeled Sekhmet energies.  Seker from ancient Khamit/Egypt is that aspect of The Divine, The Creator that dwells in deep places, in the abyss, in the unknowable realm, in the graveyards, in death, and in time marching on and the cycles of karma.  This energy represents the force of change and transformation.  This is a clearing for emotional and spiritual distress and mental anxieties.  Clears the root cause of physical discomforts.  Clears deeper issues, issues affecting you on a deeper level, that need to be dealt with.  Amazing for clearing your past lifetimes back in Egypt.  A lot of our underneath pain is buried in those lifetimes.  Great for healing past life and past timelines.  Burns the negative energy out of your energy snd timelines.  Great for clearing past karmic cycles.

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