On The Energies…



You may be feeling an Eclipse hangover.  That’s because your body needs a minute to integrate the energies you have received.  You may be feeling slow, achey, or tired.  Listen to your body and make sure you’re doing extra self care.  The Eclipse darkened the skies all across the world.  Pay attention to what was coming up for you for yesterday’s Eclipse.  Whatever was will continue to be worked on over the next few weeks.  You’ll still be feeling the energies of the Eclipse over the next few days.  During an Eclipse, there is a shift in the vibration and frequency of energies on Earth.  You’ll be feeling the energies a little extra right now.  Expect major shifts in the energies.  We are still receiving a huge influx of light codes.  It’s all about shifting into a deeper energetic alignment.  Eclipses are meant to shift the direction of your path.  Eclipses help us to clear our shadows.  We are releasing a lot of energies not serving us during this time.  Take care of your energy! The focus should be on healing.  Our Moon is conjunct Mercury today.  Expect this to be good for opening up communication in your relationships.  It will better help you to put your feelings into words.  We are getting ready for the Lyrids Meteor Shower.  The Lyrids Meteor shower runs from April 14th- 30th.  Get ready for some spectacular fireballs.  This Meteor shower brings us a lot of energies from Lyra and will peak the 22nd.  We are also kicking off the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower.  The Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower runs from April 15th- 27th.  It will peak for my birthday on May 6th.

art: @shinewonderland