On The Energies…

We see the Moon kiss Venus today.  Today We have a Lunar Occultation of Venus.  The Moon will pass in between Earth and Venus.  Venus will disappear behind the Moon for about an hour.  During this time it will be supercharged with the energies of the Moon.  Venus rules your love life and finances.  Expect these areas of your life to light up.  Expect positive shifts in these areas.  Both your love life and your finances should start flowing again.  The Pleiades and Orion’s Belt also return to our sky.  They are both the stars of the week.  This also means we are ready for Winter! This week we are in the peak of the Northern Taurid Meteor Shower.  Expect it to rain down shooting stars and fireballs from the Pleiades.  Lots of beautiful energies to be tapping into for healing and manifesting.  We are only 24 hours away from the peak of the 11:11 Portal.  Expect major energies.  This is one of the most magical days and energies of the year.  Expect major Light Codes for your spiritual awakening and for your ascension.  This is also a Twin Flame Portal.  You may be seeing the number 11:11, or thinking of your Twin Flame a little extra during this time.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal are meant to draw you together no matter what your situation.  We also enter the November Pleiadian Alignment from Nov 15th thru Nov 23rd.  The May and November Pleiadian Alignment are very much a Twin Flame pair.  The November one brings a huge completion.  Expect a lot of energize from our Great Central Sun and Alcyone.  Expect some major Pleiadian Energies and some major DNA activations.

art: @glitterartss

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