On The Energies…

Happy All Souls Day! It’s an amazing time to be connecting to your loved ones on the other side.  Today is a day of prayer and purification.  It’s a day of healing and energy clearing.  It is a time for remembering the dead.  It can be celebrated by praying, visiting your loved ones’ graves, making offerings of food or flowers, or lighting candles in honor of the departed.  In the past the Celts would lite a candle in the window to guide the souls of the Dead back to their old homes.  The veil is thin, so the spirits walk among us in our world during this time.  The Otherworlds or realms of supernatural beings and the dead, open just enough for the souls of the dead to enter our world.  Jupiter is closest to the Earth today.  Jupiter stays quiet busy sending us a lot of energy this week.  Jupiter also aligns with the Pleiadies tonight! Expect sudden shifts on destiny, luck, and good fortune.  The 4th Saturn shifts out of Retrograde.  This completes its backspin through your karmic closet.  Things will lighten up at this point.  We have two Pleiadian Meteor Showers peaking this month.  The 6th is the peak of the Southern Taurids.  The 13th is the peak of the Northern Taurids.  The 13th is also our Scorpio New Moon.  Let’s not forget this month brings on the 10th Comet Lemmon makes its closest approach to the Earth.  We have the 11:11 Portal.  This Gateway is huge for any Twin Flames! Expect huge energies for the 11:11! The 18th is the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower.  The 21st is the peak of the Alpha Monocerotids Meteor Shower.  The 27th is our Gemini Full Moon.  This Moon will also be passing the Pleiades.   Again huge energies for any Twin Flames.  The 28th is the peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower.  We have 3 Galactic Activation Portal Days this month.  The 9th, 11th, and the 28th.  Expect some major Galactic Energies and upgrades on these days.  Expect it to be raining down stars all month.  November is a powerful month for manifesting!

art: @yana.potter.art

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