On The Energies…

I have October divided into two sections. The first half’s alignments are all about healing what’s coming up.  The ascension is stirring a lot of healing work to be done.  We have a lot coming up around clearing karmic energies, and healing your love life, and finances.  Today Venus shifts into Virgo.  This is good news for your love life.  Venus desires harmony, beauty, love, and flow.  This alignment is encouraging us to slow down and self care.  It’s all about health, wellness, and maintaining balance.  Venus in Virgo may bring a serious vibe to your relationships.  It’s also a chance to heal your connections.  Since Mercury is the mind and Venus is in this alignment expect to have that one person on your mind a lot right now.  Expect to have love on the mind.  If you can’t stop thinking about someone right now, they may be the one.  Tomorrow we have a powerful Venus-Regulus Conjunction with our Crescent Moon.  Regulus is the brightest star in Leo.  It’s the heart of the Lion.  Expect a huge influx of Lyran Lightcodes over the next day or so.  We are gearing up for the 10:10 Portal, which will bring big Galactic Energies.  All about the healing and upgrades occurring.  October 23rd kicks off Scorpio Season.  It’s Spirit Season.  This month we are also in this year’s last Eclipse Season.  Eclipses brings unstable energies.  That means things can really go any which way.  It’s a good time to be daydreaming about your future to anchor into the timelines you’re desiring.  Lots of healing coming to the surface and clearing work to be done as we prepare to pass through the 10:10 Portal.

art: @yana.potter.art

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