On The Energies

Today is a big Galactic Activation Portal Day!  It’s a huge upgrade day.  On the 25th it’s A Day Out Of Time.  The 26th is the Galactic New Year, and the opening of the Lions Gate Portal.  We are in the Lions Gate Portal until August 12th.  Huge shifts are in the air.  You’re being guided through making a lot of changes in your life.  Old cycles are clearing and you’re letting go of a lot of karmic energies.  You’re being guided to heal on every level right now.  During this time Sirius, Earth, and Orion are all in alignment with each other.  They meet up with the Sun in Leo.  The veil between our world and the spiritual world is incredibly thin.  It’s the perfect time to manifest your goals.  Expect huge energetic shifts that will take you into a deeper alignment during this time.  It’s time to stop looking back at what the Universe has already cleared.  The Lions Gate Portal will be at its strongest, or peak on the 8/8.  It’s a great time to be thinking about your future, and the life you want.  We shift into Leo Season on the 22nd.  Expect it to bring some serious magic! We still have Venus Retrograde.  This is helping us to clear and heal issues around love and money.  This Leo Season we have the Sun forming a trine with Chiron in Aries, which is also retrograde.  This may be digging up old wounds.  This is to clear anything blocking your power though.  All about helping you uncover, and activate your own healing gifts.  This Leo Season can also be incredibly romantic if you let it be.