New moon in Sagittarius Tonight…



img_4150This new moon in Sagittarius is pushing us all to question our belief systems. This sign is about freedom, philosophy, and higher expressions. Now is the time to let go of anything not serving you, let go of bad habits, unhealthy relationships, and outdated perspectives. Be careful of the intent you are sending out into the Universe today because you are all instant manifesting today, this is making any blocks you may have very clear. We all came here to create heaven on earth, and now is a time to focus on your mission. The goal is to shift into a higher vibration collectively and to move out of these old cycles of conflict and separateness. Now is the time to go back to being one with everything and everyone. The past is coming up to be cleared, release it and move forward with excitement. This is a new cycle! This cycle will help many wake up from their own ego drives. Keep doing your inner work and you will start to see amazing changes on a collective level… love and light..