Happy Mothers Day Weekend!



Have a beautiful Mother’s Day Weekend.  Sending so much love for all of the Mothers.  Sending so much love for those of you that have lost a Mother or a Gradnmother.  Mothers Day can kick up lots of layers of ancestral pain, family karma, and even grief for people.  If you do have a loved one in Spirit it’s a great time to connect.  Play their favorite music, know you are talking to them, they read your thoughts, and come when you think of them.  Many that are in Spirit chose to go to be able to go one to guide you from the other side.  You will be feeling their presence extra strong during this time.  This may look like missing them, thinking of them extra, having memories pop up, having dreams, or even seeing Spirit.  To my Mother In Heaven I have felt you guiding me my entire journey.  There is not a second that goes by that I don’t think of or feel you.  The beautiful music, signs, and messages that you send me daily that keep me believing in the magic of the Universe.  You are my anchor into the spiritual world and my connection to the ancestors.  My favorite spirit guide! There wasn’t a time I outgrew needing a Mother.  God needed another Angel and called my Mother home! You’re where you belong with the Angels.