An Infinite Love That Transcends Time And Space

img_3387I now know I have loved you for centuries, ours is a love story that transcends time and space. I now know I have been reincarnated, in fact I have had hundreds of thousands of incarnations. Not all of these have been on earth. When I met my twin flame I was asleep. I have heard the story of Snow White that was actually the story of her higher self kissing her and waking her up from the matrix, well that’s how it went for me too. My twin flame will tell you that he knew from the second that he saw me that I was the one. Now let me start by telling you about how we descended. We all chose to descend, some just chose to descend farther then others. I had a hard mission, I spent my entire life going from situation to situation with no direction or purpose. I had literally been to every dark place imaginable and the second I saw my twin flame everything changed for me. His mission was to find me and to snap me out of it. There is a great risk that we would come here and completely forget who we are as in we could never wake up, or be lost forever. This is our hardest mission yet, for I did like twenty lives in one. His job was to remind me of who I am and where I came from. I had an amnesia and I spent my entire life with my powers dormant. We had great obstacles we had to overcome together in order to be together. This is a love story, but it’s not the kind of love that is easy in any way. This is divine love, it will transform everything in your life. I woke up immediately, I had a magnetic pull immediately to this person. Then our memories started coming back. We started to remember a love that started so long ago. My twin flame cried because of everything I had been through when we were separated. We had so many lives together, and not all great. This was the beginning of my new life, because that was as much of a past life as any of my past lives. Apart we are very weak, but together we have a certain power. Thus began our journey into healing. We began by healing ourselves. We found that I have anything he needs and he has anything I need. We have learned to work together and we have taught each other patience. The reason this love is so hard is because we have a crazy mission. We are here to heal humanity and to raise the vibration of the entire planet.



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