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On The Energies…

There will be times in your life where you must go through the death.  You must first do that to get to the rebirth.  There will be things that will completely destroy you.  For you must collapse.  This is how stars are made and born love.  Then comes the rise.  A strength you didn’t know that you had.  We enter into the darker part of the year and the darkest depths of ourselves time and time again.  This is what it takes to travel between worlds and past the veil.  It is in the darkness that is the most beautiful space.  Completely untapped manifesting energies for you to birth anything you desire.  We are in the thinnest space of the veil of the year.  Feel the chills running through your body at times?  This is the time when your loved ones in spirit are around you the most.  If you could count the number of ancestors alone that you come from.  All of their lives run through you.  It’s the best time to connect with your loved ones on the other side.  You’ll find you are anyways, always connected through your thoughts and dreams.  We have entered into Scorpio Season.  And the Wheel of The Year Turns shifting us into Samhain.  It’s the rising of the Pleiades!!  We are all needed during this time to each make this Planet better.  It can be easy to get caught up on the death and collapse of the old, but if you look closely you will see the shift into and rise of the 5D New Earth.  You’re getting extra guidance right now.  You’ll notice an increase of synchronicity, magic, dreams, visions, and intuitive insights right now as you’re moved along on your path right now.  For this next chapter we need to raise up the energies of the Planet.  Stay in your highest frequency.  Make this a daily practice.

art: @dreammcollage