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Sunday We Have Our Glastonbury Meditation…

We are coming together to meditate Sunday.  This is an Online Event.  This is our Glastonbury Meditation.  It’s also a huge Galactic Activation Portal Day.  We are entering a New Energy as we adjust to the energies of the 5th Dimension.  We will be doing both a healing and activation, within this meditation.  Except a ton of light codes channeled from the Ley Lines.  It’s an important time to be connecting to and working with the Earth’s Grids.  We will be doing some deeper heart chakra work and connecting with the Goddess.  Amazing for anyone with a Magdalene or Avalon connection.  This meditation will be at 5pm UK time.  Once you sign up you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission, or you can always watch the replay.  Check our email you the link once you sign up.