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On The Energies…

Happy 10:10 Portal.  We are in a powerful Gateway.  The 10:10 Portal occurs when the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center on October 10th every year.  We are receiving a high influx of Galactic Energies.  These high frequency energies are full of Light Codes that are activating your DNA.  The veil is thin as we move towards Halloween/Samhain.  This opens us up to a higher consciousness.  When the veil is thin the Earth planes and the spiritual world collide.  The veil is where you meet your loved ones, guides, and angels.  It’s a place between the worlds.  That means pay attention to the guidance you’re getting through.  You will be getting lots of intuitive nudges and gut feelings.  10 is also a number all about karmic completion.  We are clearing out our karmic closet like never before.  You can never enter into the new fully, until you have processed the old.  This is a time where many karmic contracts are coming up for completion.  It’s a time to integrate and to let go of the old lessons.  Some people only come into your life for a Season.  it’s time to move away from past connections that are over.  It’s a great time for a cord cutting, or an energy clearing.  The 10:10 Portal is helping you to raise your vibration.  It’s all about clearing negative energies from the past.  This is a major manifesting portal.  It’s a great time to be setting your intentions.  It’s a great time to be tapping nto the energies for healing or making big shifts.  This week is huge for relationships.  Especially any Twin Flame connections.  If you’re in a Twin Flame connection, know your soul is always in an infinite dance with this person.  The healing work is coming up for these pairs.  Expect positive shifts as you’re doing the inner work.  The 11:11 Portal will be huge for any Twin Flames in separation.  October brings us two major meteor shower.  The Draconids and Orionids will both peak this month.

art: @shinewonderland