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On The Energies…

Eclipse Gateway! Eclipses can take a lot out of you! This one is in Scorpio so intense energies propelling you towards a new version of yourself! Heightened energies.  You may need extra rest and self care right now.  Really taking care of yourself.  Healing, meditation, detoxing, vitamins, making more time to connect to Source, really putting yourself and your needs first.  Listening to your guidance and working with your Angels to make your path and lessons easier.  Clearing negativity.  Many of you, because it’s Mercury Retrograde, may be needing to release attachments to the past, or people from your past.  Major energies are clearing in your life! Such a healing is happening!  Eclipse energies can be a little bit of a wild card.  The energies can be unstable, not to mention accelerating our timelines, desires, and what we are manifesting! Stay positive right now! Things are accelerating fast within these 5D energies.   Try to just flow with things as they are shifting right now.  This week alone we have lots of solar flares kicking off, the last Eclipse of the first Eclipse Season of the year, the 5:5 Portal, which is also Cinco De Mayo, and we are hitting the peak of the ETA Aquarids Meteor Shower.  Right now we are passing through dust left behind from Halley’s Comet, making the ETA Aquarids one of the best Meteor Showers of the year.  During the 5:5 Portal we have out Flower Moon Eclipse.  Expect a lot of Pleiadian Energies with it.  This may be the last evening to see the Pleiades until this star system aligns with, and passes behind the Sun on May 21st.  It will reappear in the Morning sky during Mid-June.

art: @ishtar.byronbay