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On The Energies…

The Sun aligns with Mars Nov 18th and 19th.  This conjunction is bringing some fun and flirty energies.  It’s also pushing us to take action on things.  This alignment is bringing a powerful rebirth.  When Planets join the Sun they begin a new cycle.  Mars is all about what we are attracted to and looking for in a partner.  This is an auspicious alignment.  Expect revelations. synchronicities, and profound dreams.  It’s a great time for receiving messages, and downloads.  The Cosmic Energies have been a little slow.  They have also had us clearing a lot of deep rooted blockages.  The energies are now picking up.  Mars rules our sex life.  You may better know what you want, or who you want.  This Mars Cazimi will set the sky on fire.  Channel this energy into passion rather than fighting.  It’s the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower.  It’s raining down stars.  The Leonids can bring some pretty cool Meteor Storms.  These meteors can be colorful too.  We are in the November Pleiadian Alignment.  This Gateway will peak for the 11:22 Portal.  These energies are amazing for healing and manifesting.  It’s all about what you’re manifesting next.  The 11:22 is a powerful manifestation portal and a powerful portal for any Twin Flames.

art: @yana.potter.art