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Karmic Patterns and Spiritual Connections

Souls are not randomly drawn together. We find ourselves in the same time and space for a reason. Our experiences and energetic imprints mirror each other on a major level. Many souls came here and took on some heavy karmic imprints, and the templates to clear for their entire family. Our relationships serve to dig up and heal and unresolved karmic templates. Everything we are experiencing here is to prepare us for intense soul level healing. All relationships are a mirror, either a soul mirror or a shadow mirror. Spiritual connections mirror the light from our soul to us, and karmic connections mirror the darkness from your soul.

Letting Go Of Past Life Karma

The energy has been really intense. We are all working on balance and clearing old karma. Many twins are coming together or about to come together so there is a lot of healing and purging going on. We are all working hard to clear past life situations. The goal is to liberate ourselves from any karmic relationships. This is a time of purging and releasing old energies. This is helping to activate our DNA though. We are working on dissolving any barriers left between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Purging is intended for you to open your heart chakra more. We need to let go of the old before we will have room for the new. For those hoping to reunite with their Twin flame then you need to let go of these karmic relationships. It’s time to make space for what you really want. You can’t come into union when you are already with someone, so if you want your twin let go of any toxic relationships in your life. You can’t create something new if your life is already full. We are all creating our reality so now is a time when we must all keep our thoughts pure. Let’s break these karmic cycles so we can get to the soul contracts that we want to be working on.

One Great Family

I have been doing a lot of reading for people, I give people advice and help shine my light on the best path for them to take. I can see the best future probability lines, this comes in handy for making big decisions. I just told someone that is in a bad karmic relationship to remember that she is powerful, in fact she is to grow into a Goddess. This is a reoccurring theme, my sister told me yesterday to get a job, I told her I clearly have one, she told me to get another one and that only I can make my life what I want. This is very good advice, years too late, but good advice.

It would have changed my life drastically if I had good role models growing up, or if someone had told me we live in a manifest reality. When I talk to anyone in my family all I ever will feel is disconnect, I live in another state so I haven’t seen my family in at least 7 years, this puts them out of touch with who I am. I have finally come off the karmic wheel, for good, I am done learning on earth after this life. I think in dealing with this scenario, it’s important to know that everyone is on a different evolutionary and spiritual path.

I see these wonderful children my brother, and sisters have. They have these empathic crystal children and it makes me immensely happy. I know these children really are a blessing, they are here to teach the parents. I do so many reading with these lost parents, they are seeking their purpose outside of themselves and that doesn’t work. It’s so important to embrace your power and to develop it. I look forward to the day I do see my family again, because I am so proud of myself and what I have overcame in my life, I work so hard at changing myself for the better everyday. My boyfriend, my twin flame, has been helping me every step of the way, so he has seen what a miracle it has been with me. I have been taught so much from my family dynamics and my twin flame had a hard childhood as well. We both picked this so that in our own family we are nothing like this. That’s the one good thing my parents have to all their children.