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On The Energies…

This Virgo Season is all about setting goals and getting organized.  We are still in somewhat of a Mercury Retrograde haze. This makes it time to review how things are going.  It’s showing you that the past is gone.  It’s time to let go of the old projects.  This Virgo Season is all about healing, health, and wellness.  These energies are helping us to clear out any unnecessary clutter.  This month brings some big energies and some even bigger alignments.  Sep 14th is our Virgo New Moon.  It’s time to release the Summer baggage.  This New Moon will be preparing us to shift into the next Season.  The Autumn Equinox is Sep 23rd.  It’s also the shift into Libra Season.  This is where all of the hard work that you put in this Summer pays off.  Expect huge energies this Equinox.  It’s a time of balance between the light and the dark.  It also shifts us into the darker part of the year.  Sep 29th is our Aries Full Moon.  It’s the Super Harvest Moon.  It’s this year’s final Supermoon.  Expect it to bring a lot of clarity, as it’s a time to reflect on your life and emotions.  This Moon is all about endings.  Because of the Equinox the Harvest Moon is the most powerful Moon of the year for magic.  Today Jupiter has Shifted Retrograde, until Dec 30th.  Jupiter is Retrograde in Taurus helping us to get a steady approach to reaching our goals.  Jupiter is named after the King of The Gods.  This Jupiter Retrograde is all about second chances.  This means you may have had old patterns coming up for healing.  Expect positive shifts as we go thorough a space of spiritual expansion.  Expect positive shifts in abundance.

art: @glitterartss