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On The Energies…

We have an another CME coming at us that will hit us tomorrow.  We are also riding a major Galactic Wave of Energies the next 72 hours.  The 28th is a Galactic Activation Portal Day (GAPD).  It’s bringing big energies too.  We have old energies coming up.  It’s Mercury Retrograde.  That means you should only be looking back if you need to heal or release something.  It’s a great time for cutting cords and doing clearing and protection work.  If you do have people from your past coming back it’s always a test to see if you learned the lesson.  Amazing energies for doing activation and healing work over the next few days.  On the 28th our Moon aligns with Regulus.  This is the brightest star in the Leo constellation.  This is the Heart Of The Lion.  The Lion is the connection between the Stars and Earth.  This transit can help you in opening your heart and tapping into more Divine Light.  Sometimes all you need is a Spark to find that Flame.  Beautiful energies for Love and Money the rest of Taurus Season.  Although may be stirring up some deep rooted blocks around both.  Taurus has high expectations.  They tend to set the bar in self care.  You may be shown areas you need to really take care of yourself right now.  Beltane is the 1st.  Expect the high energies to continue to amp up through then.  Beltane is a Gateway into Fairy.  Let’s just say next Monday kicks off some powerful energies.  Expect major shifts in your love life! Next Friday is the 5:5 Portal and of course that final Eclipse of this first Eclipse Season of the year.  5:5 and 5:7 bring the peak of the ETA Aquarius Meteor Shower.  That means these shooting stars come from Halley’s Comet.  Stay focused on following through with those manifestations right now.

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Today Is A Major Activation Day…

Happy 3:13.  Today is a Galactic Activation Day.  That means the energies are high and it’s a day to be focused on the spiritual and your healing.  It’s a powerful Gateway that we should be using to tap into the energies of.  I’m doing activations all day today.  You just sign up and I’ll activate you one on one.

3:13 Galactic Upgrade Activation