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We Are Doing Sekhem Today…

We are doing our Sekhem 1 Class today at Noon Cali time (8pm UK time).  It will be available on replay if you can’t make it live.


June 25th we are doing our All Love Sekhem California Workshop with Patrick Ziegler.  Patrick Ziegler had an experience in the Pyramids Of Giza, tapping into these energies.  He then brought Sekhem to the world.  He is an international teacher.  This will be a Zoom video event, so you do have to be there when it’s live.  This is also going to be at Noon Cali time (8pm UK time).


Our All Love Sekhem Event Is Saturday!

Saturday is our All Love Sekhem Workshop which will take place on Zoom. It is a 3 hour class! This event will be hosted, by Me (Ra James), and Patrick Ziegler, the founder of Sekhem Healing. We would love for you to join us! Here is the link to sign up! ????????


All Love Sekhem Is Sunday…

Sunday is our All Love Sekhem event with the founder of Sekhem, Patrick Zeigler.  Make sure you are signed up! We are going to send you the Zoom link.  It’s going to be an amazing group and amazing healing!


photo: @riasteria