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Healing The Feminine…

I represent the Divine Feminine.  I came to unchain the Goddess within.  I did not go through all of this to play it small.  While you worship your Gods, that tiny spark within has been calling us to remember.  I represent the aspects that were enslaved, killed, and suppressed for many lifetimes.  The cross of the sad stories your mother, and many grandmothers were forced to carry.  Your past life stories brought back in this lifetime, so you can see the deep trauma that you carry.  The shadow of the mistreatment of the Divine Feminine must rise.  The Divine Feminine  has been taking on and carrying the karmic load for too long! Absorbing it in each experience.  The Masculine brings the Fire and the Air, but the Feminine brings the Earth and the Water.  Now we sit watching the fire burn through the world, and all that must go.  Many of you are rising from the ashes, and still watching from the shadows.  For centuries our way of life has been to control, and suppress the Goddess.  Cutting us off from our true spiritual nature, hiding her power.  Even labeling her as a witch.  The feminine is rising, and in order to do that must shed the situations that have been taking her power.  Some of you have never met a Goddess before and it shows.  Hear my roar now as I take back my power from any who seek to take it for their own! I am currently the last in my family line with magic.  I am here to help you in healing your wounds with the feminine and your own mother aspect.  Toxic men won’t like this.

Happy Magdalene Feast Day!

Millions of people around the world are celebrating.  Today is Mary Magdalene Feast Day.  Mary Magdalene works with the energies of the Divine Feminine.  Mary Magdalene is an Ascended Master helping to oversee things on a higher level.  She stands with those who need warrior energy to deal with issues in their environment.  She is a Priestess of the Rose.  The story went much different then we have been taught.  This was one of the most amazing love stories of all time.  The merging of two souls into one.  A mission of love and healing.  Trying to change the world.  Most of the true teachings were of Twin Flame Union and Ascension.  Mary went and carried on teaching.  She’s a symbol of the Goddess.  One that faded into the background as the patriarchy reined.  They replaced the Goddess with God and took control of the feminine.  There is a healing taking place now for the feminine energies on the Planet.  As your healing these energies within you’ll feel more and more of a call to open up to love, and to serve the light.  This is a sacred time for your soul here.  You may be seeing red roses this weekend.  If you are take this as a special sign.  Love is in the air as we are moving into the energies of the Lionsgate.  We are clearing a lot of energies and connections not serving us right now.  Try to just go with the flow in these energies.