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Check Out Our Heart Chakra Activation

A heart chakra activation may be needed when the heart chakra is blocked or unbalanced. The heart chakra is a conduit for a form of energy that is commonly associated with love. When your heart chakra is blocked, or doesn’t flow, you can experience it at different levels. These can range from physical and emotional to existential. When our heart chakra is open people usually experience boosts in energy, positivity, love, compassion, and increased sense of connectedness to life. We want to restore flow of energy and overall balance of your chakras. We specialize in balancing, opening, and clearing the chakras. Some of the benefits of our heart chakra activation:

-Lessen aches, pains, illness, and disease
-Create deeper happiness, satisfaction, and contentment
-Increase focus, clarity, and productivity
-Renew balance, health, harmony, and well-being


Chakra Openings

We will be available for chakra openings today…

We do all of our healing work remotely. We take a few hours to do our chakra openings.. we tune into your energy and we remove any blocks in your chakras and make sure they are all open and working properly. We also remove any energetic blocks, cut your cords, and recharge your aura. We send everyone a free chakra bracelet to keep you nice and clear.

Remember any illnesses are a result from having a blocked chakra…

You can set up a chakra opening on our site… (in the store under services)