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On The Energies…

Happy 4:4 Portal! Lots of Galactic Energies pouring in.  Today is a major manifestation portal! It’s also a major ascension portal as we are receiving lots of energies from our Central Sun, Sirius, Pleiades, and Lyra today.  Lots of Light Codes today.  Amazing energies for healing and doing activation work! Everyone should be doing the work too.  It’s so important that you are releasing the energies of the past and becoming more conscious about what you are creating on your path ahead.  This is also an Angelic Gateway.  That means your Galactic Guides and Angels are around you a little extra right now.  The 4:4 Portal is an important Gateway for any Healers or Twin Flames.  You’re clearing the past 12 generations of issues from within your family line, and from within your DNA.  You stepped onto this Planet and into a lot of intergenerational trauma.  That means the unresolved stories that you inherited from your family have been playing out in the background of your life more than you know.  Our ancestors DNA runs through our physical body.  The traumatic experiences we have all been through literally changed our DNA.  The healing work that you are doing now will affect the next 7 generations of family that are connected to you.  The 4:4 Portal is an amazing time to be doing DNA healing and activation work.  Tonight Venus aligns with Sirius, they will be at the same altitude.  Then from April 8th to April 14th Venus will merge with the energies of the Pleiades.  They will come into a full Conjunction on April 10th.  This means your love life is getting a Galactic blast of energies.  So important that you are letting go of any connections not of love, so that love can find you!  In less then 24 hours it’s the Libra Full Pink Moon.  This Moon is named after the first flowers that will emerge with Spring.

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