Twin Flame Blueprint Healing Package

£ 255.00


Remember, twin flames are two parts of the same soul.  It’s impossible for one to heal and not the other.  A good healing for the programming that you carry.  The programming that you carry from your ancestors, family, friends and the environment that you incarnated into rarely gives you healthy templates of power and love.  Healing for toxic relationship behaviors.  Heals and transmutes dysfunctional templates.  Heals and clears ancestral bloodlines for your Twin Flame Union.  Healing of old patterns.  Heals the old dysfunctional templates and patterns you experienced in the past.  Heals past energies to better integrate these into your energetic blueprint.  This heals and clears karma from your ancestral blueprint.  Heals old masculine/ feminine wounding buried deep with your old template.  Heals ancestral wounding.  Heals inner child wounding.  Healing for your energetic blueprint.  You share this with your Twin Flame.  You can think of your blueprint like energetic DNA.  Your soul is created with individual specific codes, qualities, and traits that make you uniquely you.  Your blueprint is part of your soul DNA that makes you who you are spiritually and non-physically.  A healing and upgrade for your relationship templates/ love blueprints.

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