Spiritual Download Activator Package

£ 222.00



A spiritual download is new information coming through from higher dimensions.  We are always receiving higher energies.  This is an activation to better read and translate these energies turning them into Divine Knowledge.  Will help you to pick up on more psychically.  You can receive messages as the voice in your head, from things your seeing, or in music.  This healing activation helps you to access and understand higher wisdom.  Helps open you up to higher frequency communication.  Activating your direct line to Source.  You will then make better decisions as you’re downloading directly what to do in each situation.  Will activate more of your intuition and healing abilities.  Helps you to get more creative flow and creative ideas.  Helps to clear, unclog, and open more of your own channel to Source.  Helps to release anything blocking your connection.  Opens up more direct communication between the Universe and you.  An activation for your Divine Channels.

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