Shadow Healing Package

£ 211.00



Your shadow self is the ego part of you that has sabotaged you so much.  When you have been angry, controlling, or destructive.  A deep healing for the unconscious self, the lower nature, repressed parts, ego-imbalanced parts, and the side of self that contains all the parts we may not want to admit to having.  This is all of the negative you have seen in another and everything you have ever pointed out or blamed another for.  It’s the reasons many relationships and opportunities didn’t work out or fell apart.  It’s the narcissist or negative people you have attracted time and time again.  Anytime you have argued or attacked someone.  Anytime you have thought you could battle someone.  The control aspect and wanting it your way.  Your shadow is the part of you keeping yourself stuck.  It’s the part that keeps people in negativity.  The negative critical thoughts.  This will help you with healing generational trauma.  This will help you to have less triggers.  With this healing expect to gain more confidence and self-esteem, help with creativity, improve all of your relationships, self love and acceptance, overall healing, more love, compassion, and clarity.

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