Sacral Healing

£ 111.00



A deep healing for your sacral chakra.  Great for healing blocked, or repressed energies.  Heals past traumas from past sexual experiences.  Healing for your reproductive system.  Heals stress, anxiety, trauma, abuse, and physical ailments.  Release and heals deep blocks left from past experiences.  Our Sacral Chakra is where we store all of our trauma.  Once blocked money issues and relationship issues start to manifest.  Healing for guilt, shame, and internal pain stored in this chakra.  Heals and balances your Sacral Chakra.  Heals and balances your sexual energy.  This healing recharges you so you can hold and tap into more energy.  Heals your mind body connection.  A closed sacral chakra can make you feel detached from your own emotions as well as the emotions of the people around you.  You may feel isolated and anxious to be alone and lonely.  It’s a cycle that can cause loneliness as well as anxiety.   Opens and heals your sacral chakra.  Opens and heals your sacral chakra getting the energies of the creative, sexual, and emotional self flowing again.  Feel more at home in your body.

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