Healing For The Masculine

£ 155.00



This is a healing for your Masculine energies.  We each have one of each.  Great healing for everyone.  Helps to shift out of Karmic Masculine to Divine Masculine templates.  Masculine energy is safe and protective.  It’s strong and stable.  Activates your Divine Masculine energy bringing online more willpower, clarity, and focus.  Woman with too much masculine energy shows excessive masculine energy traits such as always chasing goals, lack of empathy, stress and anxiety, poor health, feeling disconnected, overly aggressive, impatient, hyper-independence, high ambition, assertiveness, controlling.  Men with a lack of masculine energy will have difficulty standing up for themselves and finding their voice.  Lack of masculine energy makes you feel sluggish, uninspired and stagnant in areas of your life.  A healing activation for your masculine energies.  If you are a woman’s and doing thus activation find lord balance.  Stop letting your own masculine energy override the men in your life.  Find balance and healing.  Heals wounds you have been attracting karmic masculine types out of.  Activates higher templates for attracting better men in your life.  If you’re a man expect this to heal ways you have been acting out of wounded masculine patterns.  Heal the places you have presented as the karmic masculine.  Shift into higher Divine Masculine templates.  Heals toxic masculine wounding.  The wounded masculine often manifests as anger, aggression, and violence towards others, as well as self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and risky behavior.  For both unlock and activate your masculine energies.

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