Remote Viewing Activator Package

£ 211.00


This is a good activation package.  So a healing and activation for your ability to remote view things.   A good healing for your third eye.   Turns on more of your ability to see current events happening in distant places or away from you.  Healing and activation for clairvoyance, pre-cognition, Past Life Regression/Recall, and Remote Viewing.  Helps you to be able too, while in place, travel into other locations remotely.  To travel into the past and past timelines, and your past lives.  Helps you to be able to pull up and recall more.  Your soul can easily connect to remote view experiences, and people’s situations.  Allows you to get a better clairvoyant view of anything that you’re trying to tap into.  You should be able to get a mental picture of what anyone is doing at that point in time.  The mental image might be very rough, like a snowy picture of a TV channel that isn’t property tuned.  But it should be enough for you to see whatever situation you’re tapping into.  Access more.  Remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen subject, sensing with the mind.  A remote viewer is expected to give information about an object, event, person or location that is hidden from physical view and separated at some distance.  Activate your abilities to perceive more information and imagery.  Activates this specific type of clairvoyance and extrasensory perception (ESP).

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