Relationship OCD Healing

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Relationship OCD manifests as obsessive-compulsive disorder that is primarily concerned with fears and doubts about one’s relationship, typically of an intimate or romantic nature.  It’s fear and anxiety about your relationships, or about the person you’re with.  Healing for relationship OCD.  Healing for Intrusive thoughts about your relationship or your partner.  Healing for always worrying about whether your partner really loves you.  Healing for the ways you sabotage the relationship with these fears.  Healing for excessive concern about your partner’s happiness or well-being.  Healing for always thinking about your partner’s flaws.  Healing for thinking that you could have found a different, better partner.  OCD is a severe anxiety disorder.  Anxious attachment can spin into relationship OCD.  Symptoms can be triggered by noticing the perceived flaw or encounters with other potential partners.  You may frequently analyzes your partner’s strengths and weaknesses.  Healing for ongoing intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors around uncertainty of a relationship.  This can be experienced as intense anxiety or discomfort that feel impossible to let go of.  These feelings can often take over or sabotage the relationship.  Healing for trauma or experiences in childhood.  Healing for insecure attachment style.  Healing for fear of abandonment.  People with a fear of abandonment may develop obsessive tendencies.  People may be fearful to be alone and they may make threats or take impulsive actions in order to prevent a partner from leaving.  Healing for these types of obsessive tendencies.

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