Psychic Trauma Healing Package

£ 255.00



Psychic trauma is any experience that affects the psyche, or mind.  This could be from broken down mentally collectively, sexual or child abuse.  Abuse causes disassociation, psychological shock, and psychological denial.  Long term reactions can include bipolar disorder, anxiety, uncontrollable flashbacks, panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares, difficulties with interpersonal relationships, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Psychic trauma can come from psychic warfare, psychic attacks, being the target of black magic, hauntings, and being visited and even touched by dark spirits or negative beings.  Energetically, we may have taken a hit to our system.  We may be weakened, drained, or even fundamentally compromised at the level of our energy body—all of which can deepen our vulnerability.  This is a deep healing for psychic trauma.  Going through any type of psychic trauma weakens our aura, and can cause a wide array of symptoms, mental imbalances, and even illness.  In a basic sense you’re left with the trauma, which can open you up to psychic disturbances and more attachment issues, attracting dark energy.  This is a healing to release the trauma, and to heal deep rooted psychic imbalances.  An amazing psychic healing package.  Heals and release the negative and the wounds to which the negative spiritual in the past has attached, or connected to you.

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