Nervous System Healing

£ 222.00



Stress and trauma can do a number on your nervous system.  A good healing for your nervous system.  Helps to heal and rebalance your nervous system.  Great for healing underlying anxiety, worries, and negative thought patterns.  Great to raise and integrate your energies.  Great if you’re feeling depleted or energy deficient a lot of the time.  Great for healing poor emotional boundaries.  This can look like picking up too much negative energy, or giving away too much of your own energy.  Helps you stop leaking and giving your energy away.  Healing for any ways you may be feeling anxiety.  This is operating from fear.  Healing for that.  Releases trauma that may be affecting or may have altered your nervous system.  Great for physical and emotional healing.  A great healing for anyone who is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Intuitive or Empath.  Heals and repairs frazzled nerves, reduce inflammation and stress, and reconnect you to calm, flow and inner peace.

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