Heart Healing and Balancing

£ 111.00



This is a heart chakra healing and balancing.  Channeled higher frequency energies.  Healing for your heart/ heart chakra.  We tend to store pain there and it can block our spiritual connection, or make us feel heavy.  Great for overall healing and healing your heart.  Channeled light from the Great Central Sun.  Channeled Source Energies.   Balances tire heart chakra.  Healing for your feminine and masculine energy that flow equally through it.  Most people are only operating from their lower three chakras and have yet to operate from a completely open, balanced heart chakra.  Healing to open your heart chakra.  Heals any stress around it and old hurts.  Great for healing emotional wounds from loss.  Feel more unconditional love and oneness.  Helps you to really embody the heart energy.

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