Chakra Clearing and Balancing

£ 111.00



Channeled healing for your chakras.  Heals, clears, and aligns all 7 and your energy.  Clearing out old energies.  Clears blocks from your chakras and grounds your energy.  Clears dark or dense energy that is rooted in fear.  When the chakras are out of balance, pain blocks the flow of energy through the chakra system and we run the risk of trapping pain in areas of our body that can manifest as emotional and physical stress.  Clears blocked energies.  Clears ways you may be stuck emotionally.  Clears dense vibrational energies from your system.  Heals any energy signifies of trauma.  Trauma energy can can become energy blocks.  Clears energy blocks.  Clears, aligns, and balances your chakras.

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