Nervous System Healing Package

£ 333.00



A good scan and removal of any devices or structures, which are interfering with your nervous system.  Great for clearing implants or other interference.  If the nervous system is damaged it’s very difficult for you to be on higher frequencies.  The nervous system is what sends impulses to the brain.  It very much affects our thoughts.  Helps to heal and restore.  Great for healing nervousness, anxiety, and deeper triggers.  Healing a dysregulated nervous system can take time, effort and patience.  This healing will help you to be healthier, happier, and more balanced.  Traumatic experiences can dysregulate the nervous system, leading to symptoms like hypervigilance, anxiety, and flashbacks.  Traumatic events push the nervous system outside its ability to regulate itself.  For some, the system gets stuck in the on position, and the person is overstimulated and unable to calm.  Stress becomes more negativity, or more negative manifestations.  Helps to slow down heart rate, heal heart issues, clears stress, helps to calm the heart chakra/ heals breathing patterns, heals solar plexus/ digestive system.  Balances hormones.  Helps to heal heal you, which activates detoxification, and cellular regeneration.  Heals the nervous system, heals the body.  Less panic, stress, not being able to read things, and worry.

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