Multidimensional Activation

£ 111.00



Our multidimensional package will help you with tapping into higher dimensions.  This will help you to integrate these changes.  This will help to integrate the many aspects that make up your self and higher self.  This will help you to clear your 3D programming.  3D are programs of separateness and lack.  Will help you to be able to tap into and travel between dimensions.  If you are moving between worlds this will help you with how you’re handling it energetically.  Will help you to anchor into higher dimensions.  4D is access to the elemental realms, or elemental kingdoms.  5D is an ascension collective.  It’s an integration into a higher state of consciousness.  You come into focus with a Galactic collective.  Will help to unlock more of your own multidimensional capability.  Will help you to anchor more fully into 5D.  Will help on a higher level with you getting better sleep, having better dreams, and soul traveling more in your sleep.

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