Psychic Activation

£ 66.00


This is a channeled activation for your ascension and spiritual awakening.  Channeled Pleiadian Light Codes.  Heals and activates your DNA.  Activates more of your spiritual gifts.  More of your intuition, spiritual insights, and deeper understanding.  Heals and activates your energy.  Raises your frequency.  Open you up to the 5D.  Opens you up to higher dimensions.  Activates your psychic abilities and higher knowledge.  Activates your spiritual blueprint.  This helps bring more of it online.  You get more clarity.  Channeled Pleiadian light codes.  Great for better connecting with your Galactic Guides and the Galactics.  Activates your crown chakra.  This is your spiritual chakra.  Better connects you to the Divine and the Cosmic Energies.   Makes your intuition and spiritual connection stronger.  Better connect to your higher self and spirit guides.

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