Inner Child Healing Bundle

£ 1,000.00



This is an amazing healing package done in a two hour session.  Energy healing for your inner child.  Inner child wounding tends to play out in how we connect with everyone.  It can come up as sabotaging behaviors and negative patterns.  It can lead to health issues.  It can also lead to love life issues.  We become happy at the bare minimum with toxic partners.  This healing is great for everyone! This package comes with an hour of energy healing.  Channeled energy healing session.  Raises your frequency, overall healing channeled for you for your inner child.  This hour is going to recalibrate and align your energies.  This healing is specifically for your deeper inner child wounds.  30 minute healing for your physical body and energy bodies.  Healing for your physical body and energy.  Heals and restores your template.  30 minute healing healing for your solar plexus.  Nervous system healing.  Heals any stored energies/ emotions from your childhood.  Depression, anxiety, addiction, C-PTSD and eating disorders can be related to a wounded inner child.  Even physical illnesses like chronic migraines, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia have been linked to childhood trauma.  Great for healing past physical abuse or emotional neglect.  Heals your self esteem.  Healing feelings of shame, guilt and/or pain. Heals childhood scars and traumas.  30 minute healing healing heart chakra.  Healing for your family karma/ childhood karmic patterns picked up.  Family karma plays out as relationship karma/ karmic partners later.  Healing for wounding around relationships/ love.  You may find yourself frequently becoming angry, upset, or feeling victimized by how certain situations play out.  Healing for these type of childhood triggers.  Heals your childhood templates/ family templates/ ancestral templates.

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