Higher Self Activation

£ 111.00



This is a soul activation for your higher self.  This will help you to activate and integrate your higher self aspect fully.  Your higher self is the conscious part of your mind that is on a level above you.  It’s the higher aspect guiding you from outside the matrix.  We must go through a soul merge with our higher self.  This will help so much with that integration process.  An activation to help you with tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition.  Will help you in quieting the mind so that all your channels of thought are open.  Clears the ego and brings in your higher self.  Will help you in tapping into your higher power.  This healing will help to merge with your higher self moving past the matrix reality, knowledge coming back online, seeing more of the beauty and magic all around you, psychic abilities, more creative, tapping into being of service and your mission, compassion, tuning into your emotions, feeling a stronger connection with nature and the animals, waking up more spiritually, and seeing more with your third eye.

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