Healing For Your Relationship Attachment Style

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Some people have an anxious attachment style.  This can be common for empaths too.  That means in relationships you can have feelings of not being good enough, being pushed away, or a deep rooted fear of abandonment.  This can lead to separation anxiety and sabotaging the connection.  This is a healing for those who want love, but have fear about it too.  You may have come across as clingy, or constantly trying to change your partner.  You may be drawn to partners you know aren’t good for you.  You may stress and worry about the connections in your life.  You may draw emotionally unavailable partners.  Anxious attachment is formed in children with an unpredictable or emotionally insensitive parent.  This is a deep healing for all of the issues listed above. It will help heal the deeper rooted attachment style you hold.  Through healing we can become more secure in our attachment style.  A deep healing for you and how you’re connecting with others.  Will help with making you more stable and secure and in drawing more stable and secure partners.  

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