Healing For Negative Thoughts Package

£ 255.00



Healing negative thoughts from past traumas.  Healing for negative thinking.  Breaking free from negative thought spirals.  Healing for toxic beliefs.  Healing and releasing toxic belief systems.  Healing abandonment, instability, and fears.  Believing other people are unstable or unreliable.  Mistrust/ abuse expectations.  Healing for negative thoughts from past trauma that may be coming up now, affecting you now.  Negative expectations create blocks.  Things that happened in our past can have a lasting effect on our mental health. If your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are interfering with your daily life, it’s possible that your trauma has led to PTSD, anxiety, or depression.  Great for healing CPTSD and PTSD.  Healing for emotional trauma.  Some people will recover from emotional trauma after days or weeks, while others may experience more long-term effects. Even when symptoms have subsided, emotional trauma can cause painful memories or emotions long after the event, typically in response to certain triggers.  Healing for trauma related emotions and trauma based emotional responses.  Heals your emotional response triggers.  Healing for negative thought patterns.  Healing the mind of past trauma.  Healing for letting go of the past.  Great for healing past relationships, traumas, and regrets.  Healing to rewire the brain from the negative emotions associated with trauma.  Great for healing intrusive thoughts.

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