Healing Abandonment Trauma Package

£ 311.00


When we experience abandonment wounds coming up to be healed we can go through shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, and rage.  This can make our self esteem crash.  Helps to heal emotional and psychological pain associated with memories of being left behind, emotionally neglected, hurt, or abandoned.  Heals deeper abandonment wounds, attachment issues that may be making you insecure, and emotional pain.  Helps to heal the past scars left on your heart that are making you feel not good enough.  Heals emotional abandonment.  Emotional abandonment is the result of a significant person discarding you, dismissing you, devaluing you, or not acknowledging you.  Helps to heal deep soul wounds around past abandonment.  Helps to heal abandonment issues around pushing people away, remain overly guarded, avoiding opening up, being needy and codependent.  People with abandonment issues ofton sabotage connections.  Helps to heal responses learned earlier in life.  Heals self-sabotaging cycles that are trauma responses and patterns.  A fear of abandonment is really a fear of intimacy and connection.  Healing for this.

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