Healing Package For Inner Child Blocks

£ 255.00


Most everyone comes from a dysfunctional family on some level.  Add that to the accumulation of thousands of past life childhoods we’ve experienced over many lifetimes, and the inherited dysfunctional karma picked up from our ancestral lineages.  This is a healing for the root of any issues.  Healing for the deeper subconscious wounds and traumas which can be deeply embedded in your Soul and vibrational frequencies.  When the Inner Child is blocked, we may unconsciously block every desire, every project, every relationship, every form of good we try to accomplish, without ever really knowing why.  When the Inner Child is blocked, everything in life can seem frustrating and stressful, like there is no joy, innocence, or play in living.  When the Inner Child is blocked, a part of us remains stuck in childhood, and keeps reacting to life through the lens of those traumas.  A deep healing for any inner child blocks.  Benefits of this healing are more healthy coping mechanisms, breaking patterns of avoidance, more compassion, better tuning into what you need, setting better boundaries, and better regulating your emotions.

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