Father Wound Healing

£ 155.00



If you had an abusive, absent, or emotionally available father, this is an amazing healing for you.  Amazing to clear energies of they were just very negative.  When we had a parent that withheld love, or didn’t show affection, we draw toxic partners who do the same.  A father wound can result in fear of abandonment in adult relationships. You may become overly needy and clingy with your partners because you fear abandonment.  If you felt afraid of your father or were taught to avoid them it gave you an insecure attachment style.  The effect of a father wound is low self-esteem, a deep emotional pain inside and a performance orientation that makes us “doers” rather than “beings.  A healing for low self-esteem, trust issues, repeatedly entering toxic relationships, people-pleasing tendencies, jealousy or overprotectiveness in relationships, idealizing the partners in your life, or seeking avoidant or emotionally unavailable partners.

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