Family Karma Healing Package

£ 555.00



You at a certain point came into a family story.  If you have kids they will too.  That happens when things are not completed in some way.   This is a deep energy healing for family karma.  Until we do heal it, it continues to play out in our closest relationships.  This healing gives you a better understanding of what it is.  Healing it so you can get rid of it.  Higher awareness.  Healing deep pattens to shift you out of 3D victim consciousness.  Opens you up to higher wisdom and understanding.  You carry karma and even family karma.  That means your individual karma is connected to the karma of your family line.  That means your family karma is encoded in your DNA.  It was genetically passed down from one generation to the next.  Some generations not only didn’t clear it, they added to the debt.  That means most of your karma came from past lifetimes, and was from your parents lines.  Abuse and trauma was being passed down until someone was brave enough to break the cycle.  Unintentionally a lot of negatives were passed down to you.  The worse the connection you had with your parents, the more karma was passed on to you.  This is a deep healing for family patterns.  This can be stories, things you do, and certain things you think of often.  Helps to heal karmic energies and karmic responsibilities.  Traumas from past lives always pass through the generations and reach their current parents.  A healing for those past life traumas.  A healing for your past lifetimes where the karma originated from.  A healing for the entire family line.

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